The Work Experiment was born over a fleeting conversation on a park bench in Amsterdam. It was a Sunday afternoon and two late twenty-something girls sat in the sunshine wondering why the thought of going to work the next day made their tummies churn.

This led on to bigger conversations about how life might look and feel if work was actually fun. After a few more Sunday conversations (and a few more wines) it was decided and in a giant leap of faith, jobs were quit and             ‘The Work Experiment’ came to life.

Our vision

Our vision at the Work Experiment is simple. We want the world to think differently about work. And we want Sunday nights to be the stuff of excitement, not dread.

Our mission

To make our vision a reality, we need to create a new type of work – a type of work that actually feels like play. So our mission is to commit to only this career objective: to experiment, test and play. By sharing our journey we hope to inspire, motivate and empower others to leave behind Sunday-Nightis and create work they love.



Sarah is a proud kiwi who lives in New Zealand by the beach. Since pushing play and starting the Work Experiment, Sarah has qualified as an Interior Designer and set up her own online design business Nest Interiors. As Sarah likes things to look pretty, she also tinkers in graphic design, doing drawings for her blog and commissions. She spends her Friday afternoons painting, embracing silliness and getting crazy with colour. And just to add more randomness to the mix, Sarah also spends part of her week managing a sport for development programme and volunteering as an Auckland and National Board member for a mental health charity.



Anna is a true nomad who loves to explore new places, learn new things and meet new people. And for Anna this is exactly why she set up her new venture Unforgetty – an independent market place that helps you find and book unforgettable and authentic things to do in a specific city. Anna recently moved from Amsterdam to Beijing where she discovers new things time after time. Since being in Beijing Anna has also established a local branch of The Cool Ideas Society – a growing community of cool people that share ideas and knowledge.

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